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Education & Training 

April 2019 - Present.    Training / Mentoring for Homeopathy w/ Tim Owens CCH, including 100’s of hours of online education

January 2019 - January 2020.   Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship Program Dr. James Greenblatt

May 2015.    Sage Graduate School NPP program

March 2013-December 2014.  Chamberlain School of Nursing Bachelors Program

February 2009-June 2009.    Goddard College BA Program Integrative Health Arts and Sciences

2007-2009.   Critical Incident Debriefing

2007-2009.   Soldiers Heart  Mentoring with Dr. Ed Tick.

March 2005-January 2019.    Healing the Light Body School 4 Winds Society Park City, Utah

October2003-July2004.    Personal Transformation Intensive Leadership Training   Wellness Institute Issaquah, WA

Aug 2000 - Sept 2002.     Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Wellness Institute  Issaquah, WA 

July 2000.   Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Wellness Institute Issaquah, WA

July 1997.   Registered Nurse Adirondack Community College Queensbury, NY.

Aug 1990.   A.A.S./Liberal Arts   Adirondack Community College Queensbury, NY.


Jan 2024.   Heart Math: Resilient Heart Trauma Certification


March 2000 - 2011.   Holistic Nurse
                                   American Holistic Nursing Assoc.

Sept 2000 - 2011.   Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse American Nurses Credentialing Center


March 2001.  Clinical Hypnotherapy Wellness Institute


July 2001.   Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Wellness Institute


Feb 2003 - Current.   National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy


Oct 2003.    HypnoBirthingTM

May 1996 - Present.   Reiki Master & Therapeutic Touch


Aug 2002.   Release Therapy (Breathwork)


NYS Homeopathic Medical Society

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