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What is a Fire Ceremony?

The bravest, most heroic thing we can do is to FEEL.


Release what no longer serves you through conscious breathing, conscious exercise, conscious communication, fire ceremony, myofascial release, and other body therapies. Remember that the body is holding the energy pattern of the old belief. The trigger is the trigger to the energy pattern, which is connected to the belief.

See if you can identify what the belief is. Can you reframe it? Or find the lies within it you have been telling yourself? Reframing it allows you to choose a new path. As the Mandalorian says, “This is the way”! LOL! Or, at the very least…a way. There are many paths to healing. Which are you choosing?


Here is one of the ways Todd and I release through fire ceremony:

What is a council fire?

This is an opportunity to come together in community. A central topic will be agreed upon as we sit in a circle around a fire or a candle. An intention is set around the topic. A talking stick will be passed around the circle. All participants agree to speak only when holding the talking stick and during their turn and will not comment during another’s sharing. 

Basic guidelines for participating in the council: 

1) Listen without judgment or fixing. Listen with your heart.

2) Speak from the heart. This is spontaneous and not rehearsed.

3) Speak the essence, less is more.

As we follow these four guidelines, trust and intimacy develop both with each other and in relationship with ourselves. We are each a teacher, a guide, and a wisdom carrier. Let us come together.

How to create a fire ceremony for yourself:

Select a sacred space (whatever that means for you) to have your fire pit outside where it can be done safely with intention and gratitude.

Before lighting the fire, Todd and I will call in the 6 cardinal directions. There are the death arrows (sticks or small logs) or the giveaways that are uniquely ours and then a shared gratitude stick. Sometimes I will decorate the gratitude stick with other offerings from the garden.

During the ceremony, we are quiet, tuning into ourselves, our own thoughts, feelings, and new awareness of what is happening in the landscape around us. This tuning in and tuning out. Like the breath, like the way we live our lives.

After the fire has been going a bit and has “settled down,” we each take our death arrows, the logs that will house our pain and what is to be released. Intentionally, we feel and embody what it is that we want to release.

We ask the questions: "Where do we feel it in our body? What is/are the stories associated with it? What are the beliefs that are wrapped up in the pain and the stories? When you are fully embodied and aware, begin blowing into the stick. Then repeat, embody, and release at least 3 times or until your body feels empty of the sensation of your story. Then drop into the fire and watch it burn. You may hear or see things as the stick burns, you may have new awareness. Just stay present there is nothing left to “do”. Do this with each death arrow.

When that is complete, and the death arrows have begun to burn through, we pass around the gratitude stick. With this one, you embody everything you are grateful for and blow into the stick at least three times. Pass to the next person, and when complete, drop into the fire. Again, the “doing” is over. Just be present, witness, and listen.

Stay with the fire until everything is burned, then close your sacred circle and move on and into your new vibration.


Wood gathers circles of light and stores it. Light/Awareness/Source: As the wood burns, it takes our released energy into the rings of light and releases that energy. It then transforms and transmutes it back to the source as the smoke rises.

❤️ In love and gratitude,



You're Invited!

Join us in Shushan, New York, starting August 17th, from 7 pm—9 pm for Council Fires—outside, weather permitting, or inside in our office's waiting area. Contact us for more information and dates.

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